CSI Fan Fiction

Stories and their links arranged in chronological order



Beware Mothers Bearing Gifts – If many a mother has a sixth sense about them when it comes to the things we think we have most hidden, then why would Gil Grissom’s mother be any different? Written pre 1113, and is now A/U.



When Words are Scarce – When words are scarce, sometimes the gift must speak for the giver. Especially when the giver is one Gil Grissom.



Unexpected (post “Nesting Dolls”) – After a surprise visit from Grissom and some startling confessions of her own, Sara deals with her week suspension from the lab as best she can. That is until another unexpected visitor turns up at her apartment bearing news that leads her to decide it is finally time to leave Las Vegas and Grissom behind for good.

This time it will take more than a plant to persuade her to stay.


Evidence of Life (post “Committed”) – Sometimes even Gil Grissom, a man who works, and lives, by the mantra follow the evidence, has to be reminded to do just that, especially after he almost looses the one person he’s ever truly cared about.

What he learns surprises even himself.


The Truth Will Out – When Grissom tries to find out why Sara is so assiduously avoiding him, he discovers that no matter how hard we try to avoid the truth and those to whom it pertains, the truth will out in the end.

A Comedy of Errors – For some reason Sara and Grissom’s relationship has always been fraught with misreading and misunderstanding.

Occasionally these can lead to surprising results especially when Grissom takes the chance and issues Sara a rather unexpected invitation.

A Woman’s Work – In preparation for an evening out with Grissom, Sara seeks out some expert advice from the last person she ever thought she would ask for help – Catherine.

The Best Laid Plans – When Grissom invites Sara to have dinner with him, everything that can go wrong inevitably does.

Instead of being disappointed, he realizes that chaos can be surprisingly satisfying.

Aftermath (post “Grave Danger”) – Grissom and Sara are left feeling raw and exposed After Nick’s kidnapping. In the end, they both discover that only within each other can respite be found.

On a Sunday – What if Sara had something far different than sex in mind when she told Ecklie that she thought it had been on Sunday when she and Grissom first became intimate?

The Five Cent Tour, or an Unexpectedly Pleasant Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon– While Ecklie may have had sex in mind, for Grissom and Sara, intimacy comes in many forms.


Devoutly to be Wished – Intimacy can be found in the most unexpected places. Afternoon dish duty leads to major shift in Grissom and Sara’s relationship.

Consummation – It was an ordinary Tuesday Afternoon. Well almost. Besides, sometimes the most extraordinary things happen on the most ordinary of day, and begin in the most ordinary of ways. A bit of mischief in the kitchen leads to a major shift in the nature of Grissom and Sara’s relationship. A continuation of “Devoutly to be Wished.”


Staying for Breakfast – While first times are frequently memorable, second times speak volumes.

Love Letters – Often when it matters most, the words we most want to say to the ones we most want to say them to get trapped somewhere between the heart and the voice. When Sara finds herself in this predicament, she decides that speaking can be overrated.


A Rather Peculiar Proposal – Sara is more than a little concerned when Grissom shows up seven hours early for their first real date in a long time. But the reason for his untimely arrival is even more startling.




In Moderation (post “Daddy’s Little Girl”) – Yet another difficult case causes Grissom and Sara to stop and consider just how truly imperfect and dangerous love can really be, and ultimately what that means for them and their relationship.

In the Eye of the Beholder (post “Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye”) – Both Grissom and Sara learn that what may seem so obvious to them is often the last thing the other notices about themselves.


The Ties that Bind – Sometimes the simplest of gifts speak volumes.


A Perfectly Innocent Biological Response – When certain parts of the human body seem to develop a mind of their own, mortification often ensues, but so does laughter, love and a little naughtiness.


Pancakes – Ever wonder what Grissom fantasized about before he and Sara got together? Sara’s not the only one surprised by the answer.

Keynotes (post “Time of Your Death”) – It wasn’t that they didn’t have each other’s keys; they had for a while, but this one was different. This one was more like an invitation.


Shh, It Happens – When an already odious investigation goes seriously wrong for Grissom, the entire team endeavors to stand behind him, just not too close.

Except for Sara, who through the application of a little laughter and hint of naughtiness attempts to help him get past a very crappy day.


Spontaneous Combustion – Every once in a while, life is an unlooked for visit, the acceptance of a spontaneous invitation, and a moment of both passion and peace.

Unsurprisingly, these are the things that make everything worth it.


Missing the Obvious – When it comes to Grissom and Sara, while the team seems to always miss the obvious, the same doesn’t go for everyone at Dave’s wedding reception.


Candlelight (post “Burn-Out”) – In times of darkness, even the smallest light burns the brightest, and the simplest act of tenderness can soothe the soul.

A Peculiarly Passionate Form of Procrastination (post “Happenstance”) –  His recent encounter with Carl Fisher and the still unsolved miniature killings coupled with the usual senseless insanity that is Las Vegas, lead Gil Grissom to seriously consider accepting the offer to join the faculty of Williams College for a month. But he soon realizes he has one problem: telling Sara about it.

And that proves to be a lot harder than he could ever have imagined.


Talent Borrows, Genius Steals – Just before Grissom leaves for his sabbatical, Sara makes the decision to ignore that year’s agreed upon no gift policy.




No Place Like Home (post “Law of Gravity”) – Although the chaos and complications of Keppler’s sudden death disrupt the homecoming both of them have long been anticipating, in the end, Grissom and Sara find that the most important thing is there is no place like home.


Dog-Day Afternoon – Seduction runs amok when Hank gets involved.

Regaining Perspective – (post “Empty Eyes”) – Perspective can come from the most surprising of places. Following the deaths of Cammie Brookston and the other five Green Valley showgirls, Sara makes an unexpected discovery about life, love and even Gil Grissom.


An Unexpected Bout of Truth and Consequences (post “The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix”) – After spending the night at Lady Heather’s, Grissom returns home to Sara to find that his actions and intentions how ever well-meant, can have rather unexpected consequences.

Critical Care (post “Dead Doll”) – After Sara is taken, Grissom discovers there are few things worse than either not knowing or having to wait to know, except having to both in one of the last places he likes to frequent — the hospital.

Here (post “Dead Doll”) – Even after Sara’s return from the hospital, Grissom is still troubled by insomnia, nightmares and the fear that in the end, only her presence can assuage.


The Show Must Go On (post “Good-Bye and Good Luck”) – While Grissom struggles to deal on his own with the immediate aftermath of Sara’s departure, the job has other ideas.




Perchance to Dream – Sometimes comfort from nightmares can be found in the most unlikely of places.


The Case of the Curious Cat (post “Grissom’s Divine Comedy”) – Catherine’s impromptu investigation into the beginnings of Grissom and Sara’s relationship leads to some interesting revelations at the lab.


Stasis (post “The Happy Place”) – Sara’s second departure leaves Grissom to deal on his own with the sad and almost harsh realities of love and loss and the difficulties of partings.


Better This Way (pre “Leave Out All the Rest”) – As she prepares to send Grissom a video message after more than a month’s silence, Sara pauses to reflect on their life together.

The Rest is Silence (post “Leave Out All the Rest”) – Grissom returns home from his time with Heather Kessler to the frustrating realization of how very little everything has changed and how impotent he is at the moment to do anything about it.

Revisited: When Lady Heather Comes to Call (post “Leave Out All the Rest”) – Heather Kessler pays Grissom a surprise visit of her own.

Guilt or Grief (during and post “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda”) – Grissom does more than a little soul searching when he is forced to contemplate whether or not to make public the gruesome discovery he made in Natalie’s cell.


The Readiness is All (during and post “Young Man with a Horn”) – Grissom finally makes a decision on what to do about his own life — and Sara.

Cake (details events from episodes 909, “19 Down” and 910, “One to Go” ) – A long winding bus ride through the Costa Rican countryside on his way to see Sara provides Grissom with ample opportunity to ponder his present course of action and the events following his decision to leave CSI for good.

Postscript (during and post “One to Go”) – In his first moments back with Sara, Grissom discovers that sometimes endings are just beginnings in disguise.

An Ordinary Day (during and post “One to Go”) – When on a seemingly ordinary day Grissom shows up in Costa Rica, Sara is reminded that some of the most extraordinary events in life often happen on day that begin in the most ordinary of ways.

Going with the Living – (post “One to Go”) – Beginning a new life together after a long and difficult separation is indeed a wondrous thing, but Sara and Grissom soon discover it is not without its problems, pitfalls and perils, particularly if the undertaking occurs in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest.




Lost and Found – Despite what all the fairy tales may say, the wedding is never the end, only the beginning, of the story. Takes place during Grissom and Sara’s honeymoon.

How You Play the Game – Gil Grissom may have long been a consummate card player, but one evening during their honeymoon, Sara succeeds in teaching her new husband something he didn’t know about poker. Takes place during Grissom and Sara’s honeymoon.

Fish or Cut Bait – Between bug hunting safaris, long walks along the beach and being able to make love at two in the afternoon, Grissom and Sara’s honeymoon was proving just as sweet as the custom’s name suggests. But when Grissom goes fly-fishing, a holiday already full of firsts and surprises turns even more so. Takes place during Grissom and Sara’s honeymoon.

Meanwhile – Some things never change. Even thousands of miles away, Gil Grissom can still cause more than his fair share of mayhem and mischief. This time it’s just a different sort of mayhem and mischief.


The Sixth Impossible Thing (post “A Space Oddity”) – Gil Grissom was the last person on the planet to give advice, particularly advice of a personal nature. But as they say, there is a first time for everything.


For Now – (pre “A Family Affair) – It was a far different sort of leaving this time.

Vested Interests –  (post “A Family Affair”) – Her first full night back in Vegas leads Sara to realize that one of the best things about being married is having someone not only to share your interests with but also your life.


Always Have Paris –  Sara’s first trip back to visit Grissom in Paris proves eventful and extraordinary more for its ordinariness than anything else. And she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Just Called to Say – It might have taken nearly a month for them to find the time, but Sara and Catherine finally get that bite to eat. Not that a bite to eat is ever just a bite to eat.

Pig Tales Miss Piggy’s witnessed a lot over the years. But this particular tête-à-tête between Sara and Hodges was certainly new.


The Loudest Silence – (post “Death and the Maiden”) – Time may change a great many things, but even twenty-five years isn’t long enough to change the fact that for Sara, the loudest silences are not those that come from others, but from oneself.

Sanctuary -On a quiet day back together again in Paris, Grissom discovers that even if he still finds it difficult to express his feelings to her, Sara loves him anyway.

Tête-à-tête(pre – “Lover’s Lanes”) – Sometimes the conversations we think are private prove not to be quite so private after all.


A Lover’s Gift -(post “Better Off Dead”) – Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Surviving Christmas – With Grissom stuck in Paris and Sara having volunteered to work what everyone in the lab regarded as the holiday shift from hell, it wasn’t shaping up to be the merriest of Christmases. But it being Christmas, the unexpected was bound to happen.

Home for the Holiday – There really is no better place to be. Grissom and Sara share in the simple joy of a post-Christmas afternoon in Vegas.




New Year’s Revelations This year, the team’s New Year’s Day outing proves to be memorable for many reasons.

Assorted Inquisitions into the Nature of  Long Distance Marriages – When the answer “So far so good,” just won’t do, three conversations of the state of Grissom and Sara’s marriage.


Look Who’s Coming for Dinner (well lunch) – When Greg and Nick manage to con Sara into inviting them over to her (and Grissom’s) place for dinner, unsurprisingly a little mischief and a lot of teasing ensue.


Here and There – (Post “Neverland”) – It’s never easy to be thousands of miles from the one you love. Nor is the why of having to be so always immediately comprehensible. But even with the distance that spans between them, Grissom and Sara still manage to be together all the same.

Love in Bloom – It’s spring and while romance may be in the air in Vegas, it can’t compete with the quiet passions of Paris.

Return of Post – It was simply time for another letter.


The Incidental Tourists – Nothing’s ever been easy for Grissom and Sara. So why would attempting to go on vacation prove to be any different? For travel, like the course of true love, never did run smooth. And in their case, with even the best-laid plans, awry doesn’t begin to cover it. But then that’s not always a bad thing.

Better Angels – (Post “World’s End”) – As a CSI in Vegas, Sara’s seen a lot of people’s worser devils over the years, but Sean Beckers’s life – and death – serve to remind her that while people are certainly capable of much hate and destruction in this life, they can be capable of much love, too. And that, as she knows from her own life, makes all the difference.

The Proof is in the Pictures – Suffering from a bit of post-trip blues, Sara finds respite and a smile in new mementos. Sequel to The Incidental Tourists.


What to Do When You Can’t Make Chicken Soup or Just a Little TLDC (Tender Long-Distance Care) – Gil Grissom’s latest conundrum has nothing to so with bugs, dead bodies or feckless students, but rather what to do when you have a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching spouse 6,000 miles away.


A Very Merry Un-Birthday –  It didn’t take Sara long to learn Grissom was a man full of surprises. But on a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon, her husband receives a very unexpected surprise of his own.


What’s in a Name, or Terms of Endearment – (Post “Blood Moon”)Did Sara really have it right with Nick? Was it Grissom who wouldn’t have appreciated being called Gil, or is it actually Sara who does?


Everyday – (Post “Bump and Grind”) – Some people grow on you — like fungus. And even fungus can use a bit of encouragement from time to time.
On her way out of the lab for the night, Sara pops in for a quick word with Hodges.

Definitions – (Post “Bump and Grind”) – NEW – During a dark and stormy night in Paris, Sara meditates on life, love and the choices she’s made.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland; or Boy, is It Cold Outside – Paris a winter wonderland or no, a walk in the park is the last thing on Hank’s mind this Christmas. Too bad his humans have other ideas.




Pot Shots (Post “The Two Mrs. Grissoms”)Red Roses. Cheesy Hallmark cards. Conversation hearts. Chocolate. Bling. Silky negligees and naughty teddies. The odd appliance from the really clueless husband. Trust Gil Grissom to opt for none of the above when it comes to sending his wife a Valentine’s present. Very much to the team’s amusement. For however innocently meant, perhaps there are some gifts best kept private.


Louder than Words, or Let’s (Not) Talk about Sex – (Post “The Two Mrs. Grissoms”) – Since everyone else has been talking about it. On his first evening back from Peru, Grissom and Sara have a frank discussion about s-e-x. But of course there are just some times when talk is way overrated and actions really do speak louder than words.

Inclusions –  Between dealing with an oft irascible mother-in-law, a husband who manages to get stuck in Peru at the most inopportune times and a 24/7 job where bizarre is the ordinary, Sara Sidle’s life is far from dull — or perfect.

But then sometimes that’s not such a bad thing. And sometimes all it takes is a small thing to remind her of that fact.

A Team Effort – While Danny Ocean may have needed eleven, twelve, even thirteen, Gil Grissom only needs five. Although with Vegas being Vegas, these days robbing a casino just might be easier than engineering for Sara to have a whole night off.

The Little Things – After  a grueling three week stint of Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) work in earthquake and tsunami stricken Northern Japan, Grissom returns to Vegas having discovered that in the face of overwhelming tragedy, ultimately it is the little thing that matter most.

Half-Baked, or (Not Exactly) a Piece of Cake – One would think that between Grissom and Sara something as simple as baking a cake should be, well, a piece of cake. Instead, mischief, mayhem and a little naughtiness ensue when Sara volunteers to bake for Greg’s birthday.


Domestic Tranquility– For much of Vegas, the bigger, the faster, the louder, the stranger the better. But for Grissom and Sara, nothing beats quiet hours at home together.

Of course with those two, there’s really no such thing as ordinary.


Sooner Rather than Later(Post “Bittersweet”) – The fallout after finding Gina Sinclair wasn’t guilty for the latest dismembered girl in concrete leaves Sara longing for something more than a break from the lab.
Pass the Pig –  (Post “Bittersweet”) – Welcomes, like peace offerings, take many forms. Some more unusual than others.

Special – Holidays are meant to be special. But sometimes it’s the everyday ordinariness that makes any day a holiday. This is never more true than when Grissom and Sara share (part of) a quiet Christmas together in Vegas.

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  1. Cj Neal
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 14:09:09

    I like the last story- when will Grissom get free? I can’t wait

  2. Cj Neal
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 10:33:14

    I just want you to know that I love how you write GSR….much better than TPTB. I wish you would write more regardless of what they do. You write them the way they are meant to be.

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