35 – Metamorphosis Series

Stasis – Sara’s second departure leaves Grissom to deal on his own with the sad and almost harsh realities of love and loss and the difficulties of partings.


The Rest is Silence – Grissom returns home from his time with Heather Kessler to the frustrating realization of how very little everything has changed and how impotent he is at the moment to do anything about it.


Guilt or Grief – Grissom does more than a little soul searching when he is forced to contemplate whether or not to make public the gruesome discovery he made in Natalie’s cell.


The Readiness is All – Grissom finally makes a decision on what to do about his own life — and Sara.


Cake – A long winding bus ride through the Costa Rican countryside on his way to see Sara provides Grissom with ample opportunity to ponder his present course of action and the events following his decision to leave CSI for good.


Postscript – In his first moments back with Sara, Grissom discovers that sometimes endings are just beginnings in disguise.

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