02 – Calling In

Continued from Notice of Intent

Usually, seven a.m. was a fairly uneventful hour at the crime lab. Usually.

It was the time when Grave was just starting to wind down, and Days and more importantly the bureaucrats, weren’t due in for at least an hour yet. But on this particular morning usually didn’t seem to apply, especially as an important appeals case had everyone more than a little tense.

Except for Judy Tremont at the front desk, who answered the ever-ringing departmental phone with her customarily unflappable, “Las Vegas Crime Lab.”

Until the voice on the other end said, “Catherine Willows please.”

“Dr. Grissom, is that you?” Judy stammered in surprise.

“How are you, Judy?” Grissom replied.

“Fine,” she answered still rather dumbfounded and then once she had finally regained her composure said, “Catherine’s not in her office. Would you like me to page her for you?”


Which she did, leaving Grissom to wait on hold.

But when Catherine didn’t answer the page, Judy decided to go looking for her. She found the night shift supervisor busy at work in the layout room putting the final touches to the case file she, Nick and Greg had spent the last several days reviewing for the assistant D.A.

Judy gave the door a hesitant knock. “Ms. Willows, you have a call waiting.”

Catherine didn’t even bother to look up. The clock was ticking. They only had a few hours left to put this thing to bed.

“Tell Lindsey I will call her later,” she answered almost absently.

“It’s not Lindsey,” Judy replied.

“Well, tell whoever it is I will have to call them back.”

Judy’s tone became uncharacteristically insistent. “I think you want to take it,” she said. “It’s Dr. Grissom.”

That caught Catherine’s attention – as well as Nick and Greg’s.

“Transfer it here.”

When the light flashed to indicate that they were connected, she picked up the receiver and without preamble or greeting launched in with, “So who complained?”

Grissom chuckled. “Nice to hear your voice, too, Catherine.”

“Well, why else would you be calling? We both know you don’t make social calls,” she countered.

“Like they always say, there’s a first time for everything.”

“Right. And you know this how?” she asked. When he didn’t rise to the bait she said, “So you aren’t calling to check up on everything?”

“No,” he answered. “I already know everything is in good hands.”

“So…” she urged.

“We have some news.”

“Yeah, I got the post card. Thanks. It was cute, Gil, especially the duck. But not very informative.

“And by the way, since when is the word soon synonymous with weeks after you get this?  Or do they have a completely different way of telling time down there?”

“Well, now that you mention it…” Grissom began, but before he could get much further, Catherine heard Sara calling to him from on the other end of the line.

At Grissom’s “I’ll be right there, dear,” Catherine laughed.

“You haven’t even been there for how many months now and the two of you are already starting to sound like an old married couple.”

“Well, we’re not exactly an old married couple.”

There was a long moment of silence on Catherine’s end while her brain tried to wrap itself around his words. In the end, she spluttered, “Did you just say what I think you…”

“I gotta go,” Grissom replied, his voice suddenly sounding rather distant.

“Gil –”

“We’ll send pictures soon,” he promised.

“Grissom, wait! What? When? How?”

But her string of questions fell on deaf ears as Gil Grissom had already hung up.

Catherine put down the phone – still slightly in shock.

“So what was the big news?” Greg asked.

When she didn’t answer, Nick turned to her. “Catherine?”

She shook her head and said, “I guess Grissom was right. There is a first time for everything,” which left them both looking more baffled than before. Seemingly oblivious to this fact, she returned her attention to the case file in front of her, but not before muttering to herself, “What do you get an entomologist for a wedding present, I wonder?”

“For a what?” Nick asked agog.

For his part, Greg only grinned.

Continued in Worth More Than a Thousand Words


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