59 – The Incidental Tourists

Nothing’s ever been easy for Grissom and Sara. So why would attempting to go on vacation prove to be any different?

For travel, like the course of true love, never did run smooth. And in their case, with even the best-laid plans, awry doesn’t begin to cover it.

But then that’s not always a bad thing.


Takes place between episodes 10×17 “Irradiator” and 10×19 “World’s End,” circa April 2010.

With thanks (I think) to MB as this is really ALL your fault.


One: Acts of God and Other Complications

Two: Lovers Meeting

Three: A Nice Evening

Four: Early Birds

Five: In the Same Boat

Six: (Another) Unexpected Change of Plans

Seven: Amour Interrupted

Eight: A Case of the Road Trip Blues

Nine: Scents and Sensibilities

Ten: All Roads…

Eleven: Rome with a View

Twelve: Another Paradise and a Stairway to Heaven

Thirteen: It Never Rains but It Pours

Fourteen: Caesura

Fifteen: Il Bel Far Niente, or More on The Beauty of Doing Nothing

Sixteen: Roman Holiday

Seventeen: Bella Notte

Eighteen: Pax Romana

Epilogue: Coda

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