39 – Going with the Living

Beginning a new life together after a long and difficult separation is indeed a wondrous thing, but Sara and Grissom soon discover it is not without its problems, pitfalls and perils, particularly if the undertaking occurs in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Takes place immediately following “Postscript” and “An Ordinary Day,” post episode 910 “One to Go,” circa December 2008.

A/N: Not to be confused with a previously released story by the same name.


One: Dr. Grissom, I Presume

Two: Breaking the (Good) News

Three: On the Meaning Behind Mementos

Four: Nightlife

Five: An Unusual but Particularly Effective Cure for Insomnia

Six: Awakenings

Seven: Settling In

Eight: A (Not so Brief) Interlude on Insects

Nine: The Nightmares that Come from Good Intentions

Ten: The Shadow of a Doubt

Eleven: Upping the Ante

Twelve: No Need for Mistletoe

Thirteen: No Time Like the Present

Fourteen: Up a Tree

Fifteen: Another Just-So Story, More or Less

Sixteen: When the Cat’s Away, or a (Not so) Innocent Sunday Afternoon

Seventeen: Field Day

Eighteen: Emergence

Epilogue: The Times They are A-Changin’

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