In August of 2003, I visited an eco-resort in Indonesia for the principle purpose of journey into the jungle to see orangs in the wild. I ended up finding a lot more… 



But a few months later I received this message from my lead guide:


It was long time I did not hear your news; hopely you are okay.

Perhaps you still remember with your jungle trip in Sumatra, Bukit Lawang and you had lot of impressions, but you ever seen had gone. 

I am sure you have seen what happening in Bukit Lawang; over 150 peoples were killed, over 100 people missed and 400 houses absolutely gone destroyed by the flooded. Your guide who guided you has no house anymore all of his properties were missed. Bukit Lawang is closed for 6 months of course the local guides there have no job. We find the situation is hardly caused no tourists come over here.


The sad fact was even when I was there tourism had dried up because Indonesia was on the CIA no visit list. Even sadder, the flooding he speaks of was caused by illegal logging by foreign multinational companies in the region. 


So I suppose it is true –


What we cannot see, we cannot know,

What we cannot know, we cannot understand,

What we cannot understand we cannot love,

What we cannot love, we cannot save.

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