An Ode to Mud



     A simple thing 


Just earth and water 

     Oh, but the varieties 


The rainbow shades

     Chocolate brown 

     Mossy green 

          Vibrant orange 

          Murky red 

               Granite grey 

               Midnight black


And various ways

     Dried mud 

     Wet mud 

      Swamp mud  

          Sticky mud 

          Slippery mud 

          Steal your shoes mud 

               Bone cold mud 

               Steaming mud 

                      Don’t step in that! 


And the noise it makes 





So watch your feet 

     And where they land


For in New Zealand 

     Mud’s at hand

               – At foot that is


And do not grumble 

     No matter what you do


Whether on boots, socks, legs or pants 

     That mud’s now part of you

*The idea to write a poem in celebration of the qualities of mud came to me after a long day slogging through many of the varieties of mud detailed here. Before you scoff, imagine what you’d be thinking about after four hours walking alone – there are only so many things you can talk to yourself about.

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