Heart Songs and Soul Whispers




like a seed

planted in hope

watered with kindness

and tended with joy

grows stronger with time

until even the strongest winds

of misfortune cannot break it

nor the deepest sorrow

can wash it away.




They say that dreams 

Are built upon a kiss. 


It must be so, 

For I have found 

So many dreams —

New and come true —

In the tenderness of your lips.


Behind the Mask


I stand before you naked

All my faults exposed

My insecurities laid bare

and I am not ashamed.


For I know I can share anything with you.


That the ugliness of all the things

I’ve tried to bury behind the mask

will not frighten you away.


So, I stand before you naked



for you see the side of me

that others dare not see


The real me behind the mask.


love on a park bench


we sit in the shade

in the cool of an afternoon breeze

with your head in my lap

you nearly asleep


everything peaceful



as if others 

and time

did not exist


only you

only me


making love on a park bench

in whispers and dreams





As I sit

watching the summer sun

stream through the open window,

I wonder

shall I have to bear

these long days

without you, love,

for long?




Your scent

still lingers on my skin

still dances in my hair

and fills my every breath of air.


You can’t —

you can’t have gone.


The morning 

can’t have come

to draw you from my side

before our dreams were done.


But you,

you had to go.


And I,

I had to stay.


So I shall go

back to my dreaming,

waiting for the days

when there will be

no more need for leaving.







You shall be here soon —


The calendar tells me so

as I count the days

between today

and when you shall come back to me.


Only days —


The weeks have already come and gone

I do not remember them.


Soon it shall be

only hours



until you shall be here with me.


Days —

only days

my love

merely days

though each one seems a lifetime.


I long for you,

want to be with you.


And so I wait

for the end of these days.






They say

if you dream a dream

more than once

it’s meant to come true

and I have dreamt this dream

a thousand times

before I realized it was of you.




Empty Pages


I cannot fill up

every page


For who knows

what else might be written

at a later date?


So I leave these few,

empty of words

but full of hope



yet written with

the most tender of love.




Heart Songs and Soul Whispers


If I thousand lifetimes just to spend with you,

I could never dare to begin to tell you how I love you.


But having only one, to give to you alone,

these words I write must suffice as shadows of it all.


For their exists no words to sing my heart songs,

none to speak my soul whispers,


Except that I am ever yours, and shall love you forever more.


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